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Personalized Financial Roadmap

Clear action steps aligned with your values to enhance investment diversification, increase income streams, foster harmony, and boost savings, all while minimizing fees, loans, errors, and taxes.
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Modern Investment Management

Unbiased and transparent, we eliminate the typical 1% advisory fees for ongoing clients and don’t charge anything extra for management.
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Impact and Income Courses

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Personalized Financial Roadmap

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Accomplish the following and more with your Personalized Financial Roadmap: 

  • Prioritize and automate action steps for quick results.
  • Save thousands of dollars by determining the best loan repayment plan.
  • Avoid common home-buying mistakes.
  • Identify passive income sources based on your skills, values, and needs.
  • Structure finances with a partner to maximize money, love, and harmony.
  • Discover how budgeting can actually be fun and help you avoid FOMO!
  • Understand investment tax strategy and optimize it.
  • Invest in asset classes (stocks, crypto, real estate, business etc.) aligned with your values, in any economic environment & SO MUCH MORE!

Modern Investment Management

Our modern approach to investment management:

  • We understand that you’re busy, and managing your investments might not be your top priority, which is why we offer this service for free in most cases or at platform cost in some cases (0.12% to 0.20%, which is less than robo advisors charge).
  • Why did we drop the 1%? This disincentives advisors from gathering your assets when your money could be better spent elsewhere. Advisors now have an impartial view to put your best interests first. It also results in lower fees as your portfolio grows and reduces the incentive for advisors to only favor high-net-worth individuals. Instead, our reasonable flat-fees are based on the complexity of your situation.
  • Our investment philosophy  is aligned with modern portfolio theory and with the research showing that most (about 95% of) advisors don’t outperform market indices on a regular basis. Therefore, our portfolios are primarily made up of low-cost index funds in updated asset allocation models with regular re-balancing.
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Impact and Income Courses

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Impact & Income: Financial Strategies for Service-Driven Professionals

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