What is values-based financing planning?

Values-based financial planning is the cornerstone of our approach. We place your values and objectives at the forefront of every discussion, crafting a unique plan that resonates with you on a personal level. Collaboratively, we pinpoint optimal strategies for you to create a positive impact in the world while safeguarding your financial freedom. This involves a comprehensive array of strategies including passive income, tax optimization, retirement planning, investment strategies, budgeting, effective debt management, and aligning your career with your purpose, skills, and aspirations. Our approach extends beyond the technicalities of financial planning, incorporating aspects of career development, life coaching, business planning, and guidance in matters of marriage to ensure a holistic and fulfilling financial journey.

How do you make your services inclusive?

We believe in making financial planning accessible to everyone, regardless of their current financial situation. Our services are thoughtfully diverse, encompassing options like investment management at cost (often free), affordable courses, and comprehensive subscription-based planning — all tailored to your specific needs. The fundamental distinction of our firm lies in its structure: we steer away from pricing based on invested assets. By offering investment management at cost, our advisors are incentivized to provide exceptional service to every client regardless of income.

How do you make your services fair and ethical?

We uphold ethical financial planning by eliminating any potential bias associated with selling financial products. Our commitment to impartiality is exemplified by our stance of not selling any financial products, allowing us to offer recommendations that are solely in your best interest. Our primary objective is to educate you on effective investment strategies using top-tier investment vehicles with some of the lowest fees in the industry. By drastically reducing investment fees to essentially zero, we aim to maximize the potential for your money to earn compounded interest over time. This approach can lead to substantial financial gains for you in the long run, as compared to traditional payment structures that involve a roughly 1% annual advisor fee.

How do your processes lead to economic justice?

At Equal Path Investments, we actively promote economic justice through three fundamental approaches: an equitable fee structure, a social impact lens, and a diverse firm structure.

  • The traditional financial planning industry predominantly caters to the top 1%, leaving others underserved. Our innovative fee structure (discussed above) addresses this disparity, fostering genuine equity in financial planning.
  • We guide our clients in shaping their finances and lives to maximize impact in the world. Our clients don’t have to choose between making a difference or making money- we show how you can do both. By providing the right strategies, we empower our clients to influence causes that matter to them while obtaining financial freedom.
  • We challenge the current financial patriarchy by structuring our firm to support historically marginalized financial planners. A significant number of advisors leave the industry due to demanding work hours and low pay. By offering higher payouts, flexible work hours, and a supportive environment without rigid quotas, we enable historically underrepresented advisors, often burdened with additional responsibilities, to thrive at Equal Path Investments. This fosters more diversity in the financial sector, contributing to greater justice for their communities over time. Notably, we are proudly women-owned , setting an example in an industry where only 5% of Registered Investment Advisory firms are owned by women.

How do you get paid?

We follow a fee-only model for financial planning. This means we charge a transparent, flat-rate fee, either as a one-time payment or a monthly fee, for our services. We do not receive commissions or incentives for selling any financial products. Our focus is solely on acting in your best interest. We also provide investment management options at cost to ensure a fluid and cohesive financial plan.  “At cost” means that some of the third parties that may be recommended could have very low competitive platform fees or expense ratios (also known as internal fund fees). 

I’ve never heard of investment management at cost.  How does that work?

With investment management at cost, our aim is to present you with the very best options, considering not only their performance but also the lowest platform fees. We do this by methodically conducting thorough research and ongoing reviews of all available investment management options, encompassing platforms like ESG, private investments, and alternative options such as real estate and digital assets/crypto. We can then set up your investment accounts to allow us to monitor daily investment positions, enabling us to provide the most up-to-date investment advice. Most importantly, we do not charge you an advisor fee for this service or receive any fees or kickbacks from the companies we partner with, eliminating any incentive to prioritize one plan over another or “collect” your assets. With all investment recommendations, we operate under the fiduciary standard, which means that we are required to put your best interests ahead of our own.

How do you stay on top of technology platforms?

In the ever changing world of Fintech, we utilize our team of the top registered investment advisor firm owners in the country through the XY Planning Network designed for independent registered investment advisor firms. We utilize numerous research tools through this platform as well as fully independent research on alternative investments. 
What makes Equal Path Investments different from other financial firms? In our inclusive, education-focused, and unbiased setting, we put your financial and life goals first. Our flat-fee solutions, rooted in values and striving for economic justice, are born from our experiences in finance and social impact. Co-founder Danielle, a respected figure in Birmingham's Historic Civil Rights District, brings her expertise as a lawyer, Military Officer, and entrepreneur to guide you in achieving social impact alongside financial success. Co-founder Carlie knows the juggle of career, family, and community involvement firsthand. Through their own setbacks, they have overcome systemic barriers and societal norm expectations to master strategies that help you amplify your social impact while obtaining financial freedom.

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